Our vision is to be a graceshaped community at the “intersection of brokenness and hope” by the process of (1) “receiving grace” from the Lord Jesus, (2) “growing in grace” into spiritual maturity & Christlike living, & (3) “offering grace” to others through involvement in ministry & mission.

The Intersection of Brokenness and Hope

While our community gathers at the physical intersection of Stormont and Illinois Streets, in the spiritual it is located at the intersection of brokenness and hope. Jesus, by His grace, brings good news for the poor, comfort for the brokenhearted, freedom for those in bondage, joy for those trapped in grief and despair, and honor for those consumed with shame.  Come experience the beauty of  graceshaped community where you will be embraced, no matter what brand of brokenness you bring with you, and you will find rising hope for healing and wholeness in Jesus. By His grace, your life can turn the corner.


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