The Vision as a Discipleship Process

1. receiving grace: The first step in our discipleship process at Grace Fellowship Church is for people to engage in Grace|Space, our weekly Sunday morning worship gathering, to receive grace from God through corporate worship, hearing the Word of God preached, corporate prayer, etc. After a relationship with Christ has been established, they will be encouraged to receive grace through the sacraments of baptism and communion. Following baptism, through a membership class, they will be instructed in the vision and discipleship process of GFC. All members are then encouraged to move through the rest of this process.

2. growing in grace: After regular connection to our Grace|Space on Sunday mornings, people are encouraged to become part of a weekly “3G”—a Growing in Grace Group. These are smaller spiritual formation groups which foster deeper community, spiritual formation, learning, and accountability. (Current examples would be a Sunday School class, men’s/women’s small group, etc.)

3. offering grace: Once faithfully engaging in a “3G,” everyone is encouraged to “join the G-Force.” The G-Force includes all ministry and mission teams of the church which serve to accelerate the process of reaching people with God’s grace. Joining the G-Force would include volunteering on a ministry team (such as the worship team, next generation team, etc.,) and engagement in both personal evangelism and one of our Grace|Connect outreaches (such as an Alpha course, care and share nights and food pantry, Southside Block Party, etc.) which serve as ways to connect people currently outside the church with God’s grace.