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How you can donate and help OUR Church

Thank you for your desire to give financial support to God's work through Grace Fellowship Church!

The BEST way to give electronically is through your ONLINE BANK ACCOUNT. (Giving this way does not involve any sort of percentage fee to a credit/debit card company, so the church receives more of your gift!) If you choose to give online, you will have the option to select which fund you'd like to give to (whether General, Food Pantry, Missions, or Facilities). (Note that you CAN give with a debit or credit card as well--but if you're planning to give to our new facilities campaign this way, please go to our facilities page and use our GoFundMe since it involves a smaller percentage fee).

ways you can donate:



We have offering boxes in each corner of our sanctuary provided so that you can give as part of your weekly worship whenever you please.


You can give at the following website, whether through online banking or by credit or debit card.

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